“Behind the Glass” Episode Three

The Devils are getting closer and closer to the regular season in the NHL Network series “Behind the Glass: New Jersey Devils Training Camp” and the intensity is ramping up.

The Devils travel 4,000 miles to Europe for the exhibition finale against SC Bern and the regular season opener against the Edmonton Oilers. As the narrator says, a NHL season only rewards teams prepared for anything that is coming their way and the Devils need to get ready.

First and foremost, the Euro trip will be a team building exercise. The narrator admits that Bern is a strange place for a NHL team to finish a training camp, but the players will make the most of it by seeing the city and meeting fans in such a far flung place.  John Hynes says that the team will focus as much on their bonding as their forecheck. The “Brotherhood not Neighborhood” slogan comes up in regards to their team building.

Taylor Hall and Hynes run through the Devils’ philosophy in that regard. At a team dinner in Bern, Andy Greene speaks about “being above the championship line” and how championship teams do things differently than average teams.

A comedy interlude as Blake Coleman and Pavel Zacha go out into Bern to look for a place to eat. They cannot read the menus at many of the restaurants.

This leads us to Nico Hischier, who is “right at home” in Switzerland – his home country. He will get to play in front of friends and family against his former National League team, SC Bern.

Following the profile on Nico, another comedy scene as Sami Vatanen works the camera and fools around with the crew filming the show. But that serves as a segue too, as the show then moves on to the Devils having to “get in focus” on the goaltending front.

The question of who the Devils starting goalie will be is raised. Goaltending coach Rollie Melanson is interviewed briefly about Cory Schneider and how Keith Kinkaid is the number one going into the season. Kinkaid is full of confidence and loose, sometimes more than the coaching staff would like to see.

Next up the game against SC Bern as the Swiss club will be amped up to play the Devils. Hynes calls this the “last audition” for the season. With the final exhibition and the end of preseason, roster spots are still open in terms of who will play where. Everyone who has made the trip has made the team, but will they be seeing much, or any, game action?

Hischier’s big ovation during the starting lineups of the SC Bern game is shown and the game itself is covered via highlights. Nico’s dad is shown in the crowd and talks about how nervous Nico was prior to the game.

More highlights are shown as SC Bern keeps sticking around the game and tying it up and frustration starts to set in for the Devils.

Hynes chews the team out following the second period. The Devils want to tighten up play as the game progresses. SC Bern once again ties the game up in the third period and the game is headed for overtime. Here, Hall takes over and “makes it look easy” according to the narrator.

Nico then leads the fans in a cheer postgame and basks in the glow of the Bern fans one final time. Hynes then says that up next is the real deal of the regular season.

Hynes, Ray Shero and Tom Fitzgerald discuss John Quenneville at the end of the episode and say that while he made the team, he needs to earn staying in the NHL. Hynes then stresses to the team that the Devils are not a team that can go through the motions. They need to work hard and buy in to the system.

Next week, the series concludes as the Devils go to Sweden to take on the Oilers in the first regular season game of the year. Everything is set for the Devils, now will the club be able to put together the pieces for a successful regular season?

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