Devils’ Co-Owner Josh Harris Makes Statement

In a press release put out by the Devils today, Josh Harris, founder of HBSE, the Devils’ ownership group, made a statement pertaining to arena and staff worker’s salaries.

He stated that “as part of an effort” to help all employees working for the Devils and Prudential Center, salaried employees were to be asked to take “a temporary 20% pay cut while preserving [their] full benefits.”

They will be keeping their “1500 hourly workers paid throughout the regular season.”

Harris said that “after listening to our staff and players; it’s clear that was the wrong decision. We have reversed it and will be paying these employees their full salaries.”

He apologized “for getting this wrong” after stating that this is an extraordinary time in world history “and ordinary business decisions are not enough to meet the moment.”

The reversal of this decision is good news. It is certainly not the team employee’s fault that this pandemic wiped out the season. Much like the arena employees, the Prudential Center and Devils front office workers are going to be having a rough time of things financially as the pandemic continues. Cutting their salaries only hastens anxiety and stress that they do not need.

Devils Give Information on Tickets to Postponed Events

Yesterday, in regards to the NHL season being suspended due to the COVID-19 virus, the Devils put out a press release in regards to what fans should do if they have tickets to Devils events at Prudential Center in the coming month.

They said: “Until we have certainty and direction from the league, your tickets to the postponed games will remain valid for the future scheduled makeup dates, if they should be scheduled.”

The press release said that “further information on your options as a Devils ticket holder has been communicated via email to each ticket holder for all remaining events during the 2019-20 Devils regular season.”

They gave contact information if you have tickets to a game and need to know more. Contact them at if you have any further questions.

In addition, I know that certain shows have rescheduled. The March 25 AEW Dynamite event is now scheduled for Wednesday, July 22, for instance.

On another note, Hockey Night in Canada’s Elliotte Friedman is reporting that Devils owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer are committing “to paying hourly/event staff for postponed [Devils] games and Prudential Center events.” He tweeted the news today.

That is fantastic news. In a situation like this, you worry about how the people working at the arena will fare with no events there. Harris and Blitzer really put what they were saying as quoted by Friedman (“Employees are family…it’s important to band together and lift each other up during these times.”) into action. Hopefully other NHL and arena owners are doing similar things as well. It does help in this situation that they own both the team and the building, but still a great move by them no matter what.