Devils Fall to Penguins at Prospects Challenge

The Devils came into game two of the 2017 Prospects Challenge off of a 4-3 overtime victory over the Buffalo Sabres in their first game. They took on the Pittsburgh Penguins today and lost, 6-2.

There was a considerably smaller crowd on hand this afternoon as compared to last night, considering the earlier start time and the lack of the Sabres in the game. However, there was a good contingent of Devils fans who made the trip, including a large group in the corner, camera-side, at the end of the rink where the Devils attack twice. They were there for the first period and then dispersed, to be seen around the rink at varying times.

New Jersey did look a little bit sloppy, especially in their own end, at times. But you have to remember that this is a learning experience for these kids. It is a short series of games and they have not been playing together much outside of developmental camp. Many of them looked solid defensively and the offensive chances will come from there. Add to that that the Pittsburgh goaltender played well, making some nice stops in close, especially in the second period, and it just was not the Devils’ night.

The game did feature a scrap late in the game, that involved Steven Santini from the Devils. It was a spirited affair and nice to see Santini step up when challenged.

Once again, I appologize for lack of details. The stream was in and out for me for most of the game and got kind of blurry at times. Hopefully, things will be better on Monday at noon when the Devils take on the Boston Bruins in the final game of this year’s Prospects Challenge.

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