Devils Hoping to Honor Brodeur This Season

Although the team has already released its 2015-16 season promotional schedule, according to Tom Gulitti on his Fire and Ice blog, there may be at least one more night in the works for the Devils. The team is hoping to work with retired goaltender Martin Brodeur in retiring his number “30” this coming season.

In an interview on Gulitti’s (who is the Devils beat writer for The Record) blog, GM Ray Shero said “(T)hat’s the plan or the hope of the organization, but that’s certainly above me, probably.” Shero mentioned that it pretty much hinges on Brodeur’s schedule, now that he is working as the Assistant General Manager of the St. Louis Blues. He also said that both Brodeur and the Devils are shooting for this year (if possible) to get number “30” up in the rafters of the Prudential Center.

One other interesting point that was brought up in the Shero interview (and was illuminated by Emily Sadler of in an article on the subject) was that the Devils are also going to try to honor former GM Lou Lamoriello. This will be just as difficult as Lou is now the active GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs and will have very little time in which to be honored by the Devils. Like Brodeur, it will all hinge on his schedule.

The only hope I have, personally, is that Lou is given a banner at The Rock similar to what the Islanders and other teams have done for prominent coaches and members of the front office and not just a “night” where they give him a painting and move on. Lou built teams that won Stanley Cups and were a contender for more than two decades. He made the Devils a respectable and model franchise. If any person other than a player like Brodeur deserves a banner hanging in the Prudential Center rafters, it is Lou Lamoriello.

Unfortunately, if they are not waiting for Lou to retire to honor him, it seems unlikely that they will give him a banner. It would be very strange for a team to have a banner honoring the current GM of a conference rival hanging in their home arena’s rafters.

Either way, though, both Lou and Marty deserve to be honored in any way that the Devils can. Both did a lot for this franchise, something that cannot be overstated enough.

Of course, it is not a matter of if the Devils are going to honor Marty and Lou, but, as evidenced by what Shero said, when. Hopefully for Devils fans, it can work out this year.

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