Devils’ Prospects to Play at World Juniors

Sorry about the lack of content on the site, I’ve been kind of busy lately. Hopefully, things pick up a little bit during the World Junior tournament later in the month.

And the Devils will be well-represented at that tournament, with five players playing for four teams. According to the ‘Inside the Devils Blog’ on the team’s official app, Patrick Moynihan will play for the USA, Shakir Mukamadullin and Arseniy Gritsyuk will represent Russia, Jaromir Pytlik will suit up for the Czech Republic and Dawson Mercer was chosen for Canada.

The 2021 World Junior Championship will take place in Alberta, Canada beginning December 26.

As for the Devils, the NHL continues to hash out how they are going to continue on with a 2020-21 season.

One option put forth by Pierre Lebrun on Twitter would see the Devils in a division with the Bruins, Sabres, Islanders, Rangers, Flyers, Penguins and Capitals. That would see a “Division 2” as Lebrun put it, of the Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Blackhawks, Panthers, Wild, Predators and Lightning. Division 3 would contain the Ducks, Coyotes, Avalanche, Stars, Kings, Sharks, Blues and Golden Knights. The fourth division would be a Canadian Division featuring the seven Canadian teams.

This would be done to reduce travel and solve the problem of constantly having to cross the Canadian border for games. This is a no-go due to Canada’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have essentially closed off the border to American travel and enforced a two-week quarantine for people entering the country, which would not help a NHL team having to play a schedule.

We will see how a 2020-21 season will shake down, hopefully one materializes. Otherwise, good luck to the prospects playing in the World Juniors. We look forward to having some high-level hockey being played by the Christmas week.

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