Devils to Have Nine Total Picks in Draft

Although they do not own the number one overall pick and the potential rights to phenom Auston Matthews (that honor belongs to the Toronto Maple Leafs), the Devils do have nine picks heading into the 2016 NHL Entry Draft in Buffalo on June 24 and 25. An article on the Devils’ official website outlined exactly where the Devils will be picking.

The Devils will pick 11th overall in the first round and then 41st overall in the second round, 73rd and 77th overall in the third round, 102nd and 105th overall in the fourth round and 132nd overall in the fifth, 162nd overall in the sixth and 192nd overall in the seventh.

The most exciting part about having this many draft picks heading into Draft day for fans is, of course, trades. The Devils have stockpiled enough picks to make a deal if something comes across the table. It would be hard to imagine them not, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part. Draft day trades are always kind of exciting (think the acquisition of Cory Schneider in 2013 in front of the hometown crowd at the Prudential Center) and the Devils are certainly in a position to make one. We will see what Ray Shero has up his sleeve as the Draft comes more into focus.

Looking further at the first round, three teams have multiple picks in the opening round: Winnipeg will select second overall and has Chicago’s pick (22nd overall) from the Andrew Ladd trade; Arizona has the seventh overall pick and the Rangers’ pick (20th overall) from the Keith Yandle trade in 2015; and Carolina has the 13th overall pick in addition to Los Angeles’ pick (21st overall) from the Andrej Sekera trade also in 2015.

Calgary and Philadelphia are both sitting pretty throughout the entire length of the Draft, with ten picks each, according to the article on the Devils website. This includes the sixth overall pick “and three selections in the second” round for the Flames and “three picks in the first two rounds, starting with the 18th pick” for the Flyers.

It should be an interesting Draft. Outside of Matthews and the Leafs, nothing seems set in stone. Teams, will, as always, pick based on what they need and what is available to them. But a team like the Devils, who have stockpiled a lot of draft picks, could be in a position to make deals or bolster their farm system with prospects.

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