Hall Letting Things Play Out in Contract Negotiations

According to a report today in the Asbury Park Press by USA Today – New Jersey writer Abbey Mastracco, Taylor Hall’s contract situation is still ongoing. He has not signed a new contract yet.

Hall, who is scheduled to be a free agent next summer, “confirmed” to the media yesterday “that his agent met with the Devils over the weekend and characterized it as a positive one, he said the two sides aren’t any closer to a deal than they were before the meeting.”

Mastracco said that “Hall disputed reports that said the two sides are ‘making progress’ or closing in on a long-term contract extension.” His agent, Darren Ferris met with Devils’ GM Ray Shero but this was a “preliminary meeting and numbers were not exchanged.”

Despite that, Hall did tell Mastracco that he knew they had the meeting and he knew “it went well.” He said that nothing is “close right now because it hasn’t been discussed.” Mastracco said that Hall “declined to say what was discussed during the meeting between Ferris and Shero and Shero was not available for comment Tuesday.”

Hall also stressed that he was not present at the meeting so anything that he “said would be secondhand.”

Mastracco noted that Hall’s knee injury will play a part in the discussions as both the team and he want to see how he “bounces back … in the early part of the season.” Hall also is waiting to see if “the club is capable of winning now and in the future.” As a result, Mastracco said negotiations will likely take place during the season, which “Hall does not believe … will be a distraction.”

Hall did note that he is “not even a free agent yet” in regards to “unease among the fans.” He mentioned that he is “still a member of this team and we have a huge job to do this winter and that’s really my focus.”

Hall feels “content to take a backseat to negotiations and just play while his agent handles the rest” according to Mastracco.

The 27-year-old 2018 Hart Trophy winner will “just let things take shape and see where they go” while trying to stay on top of his game for the upcoming season.

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