Subban Named Best Social Media Follow by NHLPA

Alright, this piece of news is from about a week ago, March 31, and it is kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel, but I am bored after almost a month in quarantine and needed something Devils-related to write about.

I found an article written by Amanda Stein on the Devils’ official website regarding the annual poll taken each year by the National Hockey League Players Association. Each year, players across the NHL are surveyed on different categories. According to Stein, these include “Best All Around Player” which is obviously the top category, as they are voting on their peers.

There is also “Best NHL Mascot” which would mean more to the mascots if the Mascot’s Association voted on it and not the players, presumably.

The Devils’ own PK Subban did place first in “Best Follow on Social Media.” Stein said that he took 13.59-percent “of the 206 total votes.” As Stein pointed out, “it should come as no surprise.” Subban has “almost a million followers on Instagram (981,678 at time of publication) and another 1,113,921 on Twitter. He also has a [sic] 56K subscribers to his YouTube channel.”

Subban, according to Stein, has a new feature on his Instagram Live, called Tub Time, where he interacts with fans and answers questions.

Subban also finished in the top five of “Worst Trash Talker,” getting 6.85-percent of the vote (out of 321 total votes). He finished fourth in that category according to Stein. Brad Marchand, of the Bruins, finished first in that vote with 10.59-percent, by the way.

If you don’t already, you can follow PK Subban on Twitter at, on Instagram at and on Facebook at He is also on YouTube.

Subban recently appeared on ESPN’s First Take show where he discussed staying safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic.