Hughes Signs Endorsement Deal with Gatorade

According to a blog post on the Devils official website by Marc Ciampa, Jack Hughes has joined on with Gatorade in an endorsement deal. Ciampa noted that Hughes becomes the first Devil to get a Gatorade deal.

Hughes announced the deal on Wednesday on his social media accounts.

Hughes told Ciampa: “Gatorade’s a premier company and the best sports drink. I was really excited to be a part of that. I think me and (Patrick) Kane are the only guys with Gatorade U.S. deals in the League. It’s really special to be a part of that group and you see the athletes with Gatorade. To be a part of that group is really special. I think it brings a little more to the Devils, some more publicity. It’s good for both parties.”

Ciampa quoted Gatorade’s head of global marketing, Jeff Kearney as saying this about Hughes: “We think he has tons of potential to do some pretty special things, but again it’s not unlike some of the partnerships we have, like a Mallory Pugh, Christian Pulisic, a Jayson Tatum, a Zion Williamson, Todd Gurley, Bryce Harper. All of whom we signed very early in their careers because we want to grow with them.”

Kearney continued: “As the presumptive number one pick for more than a year, it was hard to miss him. We take pride in identifying young talent, especially people who believe in what we’re doing as a brand, and he’s a terrific addition to our roster that includes some other number one draft picks, some iconic athletes, some MVPs, and we think he’s going to be a great addition.”

This is a great thing for both Hughes and the Devils, as noted by what Jack told Ciampa earlier in his blog post. It will be beneficial to both sides, getting them both exposure. Congratulations to Jack Hughes on achieving this great accomplishment.