Devils to Wear “Heritage Uniforms” in 2018-19

The Devils today revealed their third jersey, but it is not exactly what you would think it is.

Not only is it not a totally new design, it is not even the same throwback that they have been wearing the last decade or so.

Their “Heritage jerseys,” as the team is calling them, are based on the original green, red and white color scheme that the team wore from 1982 to 1992, but it is the white version of those uniforms that the team will be breaking out for four home games this season. The only major difference being that the jersey will be made using the Adidas jersey template that the NHL now uses.

The Devils revealed the uniforms this afternoon via a text from their official app. Included with the app message was a way to sign up for a presale of the jersey when it eventually goes on sale.

I, personally, love this idea. Short of doing a new, unique design, this was one of the best ways they could go. I always thought the light version of the red-and-green “Christmas tree” jerseys were the nicer set. The dark set is nice, but the whites just looked a little bit sharper than the reds. Maybe it is bias since that was the first hockey jersey I ever owned. Either way, head over to the Devils app to sign up for the presale if you are at all interested.