Subban to Host New Show; Harris and Blitzer Give to RWJBarnabas

Some quick news bits to get to today, one new, one older.

Amanda Stein wrote on the Devils’ official blog today that PK Subban will be hosting a NHL trivia show during the pause in the NHL season.

Stein said that the show will be called “NHL Hat Trick Trivia Hosted by PK Subban” and will debut on April 11 on Sportsnet in Canada at noon, at 12:30 PM on the NHL’s Facebook page, YouTube and Instagram TV. The show will air on television in the United States on NHL Network on Tuesday 9:30 PM and NBCSN on Wednesday at 6 PM the following week.

The show will air weekly “with special guest appearances” including “fellow NHL players and a range of celebrities.”

There will also be “two contestants answering three hockey trivia questions with Subban” giving them “a chance to win NHL prizes.”

The first episode, according to Stein, will see Subban’s guest host be (all-too brief) former Devil Patrick Maroon. The contestants vying for prizes “will be a St. Louis police officer and a New Jersey paramedic” which is a nice touch because both Subban and Maroon have history with the Devils. In addition, Maroon grew up in St. Louis, won a Stanley Cup with the Blues and had family on his mother’s side in East Rutherford, New Jersey as a kid.

The show will be hosted from Subban’s home in Los Angeles.

In other (slightly older and more serious) news, it was announced on March 31 that Devils Managing Partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer will be donating money and supplies to RWJBaranabas Health here in New Jersey to aid in the fight against COIVD-19.

Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment (the Devils’ ownership group) said in a press release on the matter that they are “dedicated to supporting their communities through the pillars of education, medical, food, and wages.”

Prudential Center, according to the press release, “recently donated the supplies they had on hand, including hand sanitizer, gloves, anti bacterial soap, disinfecting wipes, and disinfecting sprays. There are ongoing talks on how else the organization and Prudential Center can help the Newark and greater New Jersey community at this time.”

RWJBarnabas Health sent out a tweet where they thanked Harris and Blitzer “for [their] generous donation to” the hospital network. The donation went to the Emergency Response Fund according to the tweet.

Devils and Prudential Center Release Statement on Season Suspension

The New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center released a statement today showing support for the NHL’s decision to suspend the 2019-20 season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Similarly, they announced that all events at the Prudential Center through the end of March have been postponed. This was done “in consultation with live event partners, promoters and artists.”

“The health and well-being of our fans, players, performers, artists, staff members, partners and communities are of the utmost importance, and we remain in close communication with public health, state and local officials during this challenging period.”

The Devils and Prudential Center said that they are “committed in assisting our arena associates through this period” as staff for both organizations are considered “family and the heartbeat of the organization.”

No word was put forth on exactly what the team and arena organizations are doing for the staff of each group in this time, but Managing Partner Josh Harris did say “In this time of need, we need to band together and take care of people. Our teams, our cities and the leagues in which we operate are a family, and we are committed to looking out for one another.”

The Devils did “extend [their] sincere gratitude and appreciation to the many talented doctors, nurses, medical professionals and emergency services personnel who are working tirelessly to address this matter of public health.”

The Devils then promised further updates as soon as possible.

The message here is that one of the reasons the NHL put the season on hold was due to the health and safety of people working in the arenas more than anything and rightfully so. They are the people that are dealing with the crowds and, thus, more susceptible to catching something. The players are a little bit more removed from the crowds (although, make no mistake, they are highly at risk as well).

Hopefully everyone at Prudential Center and the Devils organization, both up front and behind the scenes, is okay and gets through this.