Cory Schneider Chooses Mask Design

Cory Schneider has revealed his choice in the “Design Cory’s Mask” contest. The winner is a design by a 32 year-old tattoo artist from northern New Jersey named Shawn Berhman.

Shawn’s design features the legendary Jersey Devil creature prominently on both sides of the mask. The Devil is wearing a New Jersey Devils jersey on both sides and clutching a goalie stick. On the left side of Cory’s face, he also has a hockey puck in his claws. The Devils logo and flames are featured in the background. The backplate has Cory’s number “35” along with a devil tail wrapped around it with flames again in the background.

The design manages to be detailed and simple at the same time and is a really nice and sharp piece of art. It was only rendered in black-and-white on the Devils’ website, but it should look really good when colored in with some red added to it.

The contest was a great way for fans become actively involved with the team. Interactive things like this are nice little touches to keep fans engaged and to help create new fans along the way. Although I am sure that most of the people who entered the contest were already established Devils and/or hockey fans, if an art contest can help pique just one person’s interest in the team and the game of hockey, then it is well worth it. Overall, it helps get fans involved with the team and feeling like they have helped Cory in preparing for the upcoming season.

All of the five finalists in the contest received a signed Cory Schneider photo. As the winner, Shawn Berhman will receive four tickets to a Devils home game, a meet and greet with Cory and a picture of him, Cory and the mask and a signed goalie stick.

Of course, in addition to those goodies, the mask design will be painted by renowned goalie mask artist David Gunnarsson of and will be worn on the ice by Cory throughout the 2015-16 season.

Congratulations to Shawn Berhman for winning the contest and here’s hoping his mask design brings some luck to Cory Schneider’s game this season!