Prudential Center to Team Up with MSG Company to Attract More Shows to Arena

In a press release on their official website, Prudential Center announced that they will be teaming up with the Madison Square Garden Company in order to attract “elite entertainment acts to Jersey, as well as (soildify) the state as a premier destination for the world’s top performers.”

Prudential Center, which opened in 2007 and celebrates ten years this year, will use the MSG Company’s “effective booking strategy and proven expertise in marketing” (according to Darren Pfeffer, Executive Vice President of MSG Live) to bring “the world’s top entertainers and attractions to the building.

Pfeffer also said: “We look forward to leveraging MSG’s unique stature and strong, long-standing relationships with industry leaders, along with a common membership with the Prudential Center in Oak View Group’s Arena Alliance, to help bring an exciting array of events to Prudential Center, while also serving the market with more options.”

Now, from a hockey fan standpoint, this seems very strange, to be working with the parent company of your arch rivals seems somehow sacrilegous. But this is a purely business arrangement between the two arenas that will allow for Prudential Center to get more shows and concerts that will let them compete further with other arenas across North America.

Prudential Center already had to overcome the obstacle of competing in-state with the Meadowlands/Izod Center early on in its existence. Now they will be working with one of their other main competitors in the market and will get to put the MSG Company’s industry pull to help them bring more high-profile shows to New Jersey. This is a win-win situation for The Rock.

Even if it does seem a little bit weird from a hockey perspective.