Three Devils Have Surgery

The Devils put out a press release today stating that three of their players – Taylor Hall, Patrick Maroon and Cory Schneider – underwent successful surgery for various ailments following the team’s elmimination from the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Taylor Hall had “surgery to repair torn ligaments in his left hand” on April 30. The sugery was done “by Dr. Robert Hotchkiss at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.” According to the press release, Hall suffered the injury in late December and the Devils’ medical staff was able to keep him in game shape for the season. The release states that “(i)t was not the injury that kept him out of the All-Star Game in January.” It also says that he should be set to go for training camp come September.

Cory Schneider had his surgery “to repair torn cartilage in his left hip” last Thursday. Dr. Bryan Kelly, also of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, performed the successful surgery. The press release states that Cory’s “recovery time is approximately five months and Dr. Kelly expects him to make a ful recovery.” The release promises further “updates regarding his progress” throughout the summer on the Devils’ website.

Patrick Maroon had surgery on a herniated disc in his back on Wednesday. The surgery was successful and was performed by Dr. Andrew Sama at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. His outlook is the best, as “(h)e will be able to resume off-season training and preparation programs before the start of training camp.”

The press release notes that all of the players “will continue to be under the care and observation of the team’s medical and training staffs throughout the off-season recovery process.”

Both Schneider and Maroon’s injuries were pretty much known by Devils fans late in the season and going into the Playoffs. But if Hall’s injury was different from what kept him out of the All-Star Game and interrupted his scoring streak, then that just makes the season he had that much more amazing. The fact that he was playing through a hand injury and still performing at the high level he was speaks to the type of player he is and his skill level.

Good luck to all three on speedy recoveries and lets hope that they are good to go by training camp.

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